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11 Apr 2019

We've added a host of new features to make CaptureFit even more cooler.

For the athletes/judges and volunteers

For the athletes, you all got your own profile page now and it will display all the events you've competed, judged or volunteered at. You can access it by looking at the leaderboard and clicking on the athlete name or you can view your own profile by click on View Public Profile on the Edit Profile page.

So go share your profile on all your social media accounts, to earn some respect.

For the event organisers and managers


When enabled, vendors can now sign up to be part of your event.

Waiting List

When you're event has run out of entry spots, you can enable the waiting list. So if a spot open you can pick some one of the waiting list.

Let us know if you have any cool ideas to take our platform to the next level.

If you want to host your own event, pop us a message.

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